The Publisher

By: Joey DiZoglio (Vol. II, Issue I) 

The demonologist paced the foyer of his dormitory apartment waiting for the delivery man. For seven years he traveled Europe researching demons, devils, and evil spirits. Copious translations, sketches, and dictations allowed him to amass a cornucopia of knowledge; the greatest sum of Christian deviltry in all the ages. His first draft was due back from the university publishers this afternoon and he danced with excitement. It was destined to be the greatest book since the Bible. It would be a poetic manual to protect city folk and farmers alike from temptations of imps and sulfurous lords. A knock. The demonologist nearly ripped the old door off its hinges with anticipation. The delivery boy was pale and perspiring in his apple-red cap and suit. Tossing a handful of shillings, he snatched the letter turned back into his room. Written in a playful script it said: Requires more primary evidence.

In a puff of fire and brimstone, the demonologist disappeared.


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