Spring 2013 Issue is Here!

We are so happy to announce that our Spring 2013 issue has arrived at Brown. We will be distributing magazines around campus and posting an online issue soon. You can start looking for new issues in Faunce, JWW, and other locations around campus.

The new issue is beautiful and came together thanks to the amazing work of so many individuals. Vicky Jung took it upon herself to design a beautiful layout for the magazine and has truly been a blessing. We thank God everyday for her amazing talent and her dedication. Our editors, Gabe, Nia, Cia, Nar, Taylin, Rachel, Monica, and Maddy, have worked tirelessly to help put the current issue of Cornerstone together. Not only did they produce amazing articles and artwork, but they also dedicated countless hours to discussing, editing, brainstorming, and fine-tuning the amazing pieces you will find in this current issue. Without them, Cornerstone Magazine would not be possible.

Aleyna, Richard, Andrew, and Austin have also put their hearts and souls into the magazine. Aleyna and Richard were new to Cornerstone this semester, yet immediately began taking on projects and working with Elizabeth and I. Austin and Andrew, along with Chris Unseth and others, originally helped found Cornerstone, and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

This is our first semester running the magazine together, and Elizabeth and I have had so many amazing people around us during every step of the process. Elizabeth herself has dedicated so many hours to developing the backbone of this publication. She is truly a brilliant individual that Cornerstone is so lucky to call its President. I cannot fully express my gratitude towards her for always standing by me and for working late nights and endless hours to produce this issue.

More than anything, we thank God for allowing us to have the time and opportunity to celebrate him through our writing and artwork. We are so blessed to have found each other and to be able to share his love at Brown in such a unique way. This magazine is a testament to his love, grace, and mercy, and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

Love always,
Margaret Nickens



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