Cornerstone’s Guide to Awesome Fun-ness: The Free Food Edition

By: Margaret Nickens

Now that shopping period has thoroughly zapped our energy and we lie in wait for the first round of midterms to steal our free time, all of us deserve a little down time to take the edge off. In the upcoming weeks, Brown’s Christian community is hosting a ton of exciting events, so if you’re looking for a way to make new friends or just for some free food, check out Cornerstone’s guide to Christian happenings around campus.

Thursday, September 12

Thursday Night Interfaith Supper, 5 pm

Thursday Night Supper (TNS) is a 44-year-long traditions where students, faculty, and staff of the University gather at the house of the Chaplain of the University and discuss faith and spirituality over delicious food. Directions to Reverend Janet Cooper Nelson’s house can be found here, along with additional information about the weekly event.

Friday, September 13

Burger Bash Cookout with the Branch Christian Fellowship (BCF), 3:30 – 6:30 pm, Wriston Quad

The Branch’s weekly gathering, featuring worship, music, and plenty of wonderful people, will be held afterward in Wilson 102 at 7 pm. There will also be pizza and games after the gathering.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) Pizza Party, 6 pm – 7 pm, see website for location updates

You can attend RUF’s weekly gathering after you consume unnatural amounts of pizza. It will be held at 7 pm in List Art 110 followed by some rousing board and video games and, of course, more food.

Cru’s Family Dinner, 6 pm, the Underground

Do not fret. I am told dessert will be provided, and while you’re enjoying the sweet, sweet joys of some ice cream, your ears can bathe in  beauteous a capella tunes  during the Triple Threat Concert following the dinner.

Saturday, September 14

BCF Brunch on the Main Green, 12 – 1:30 pm

Everyone needs a little break from the Ratty, especially when you get to enjoy eggs with this cheery bunch. Start your weekend right with some delicious pancakes.

Leadership Through Servanthood Freshman Dinner, 6 pm, 15 West

If you’re a freshman starting to miss home-cooked food, check out RUF’s freshman dinner. It will be hosted at the RISD dorm 15 West in downtown Providence, and there will be an abundance of delicious home-cooked food. Contact Sam Jau (909-680-2467) for more information!

Breakfast for Dinner and a Movie, 6 pm, Judson House (168 Lloyd) 

I never get tired of eggs. Make it full circle. End your Saturday right with some delicious pancakes.

Sunday, September 15

BCF Providence Church Tour, 9:40 am, Faunce Arch

Finding a church that’s right for you can be an impossibly grueling process, but BCF is trying to make it a tad easier. Attend their weekly church tour every Sunday in September to help get a better understanding of the local church scene.

Cornerstone Information Session, 9 pm, JWW 201

Because who doesn’t want to join this fantastic magazine? The information session will cover everything from how to become a member of our editorial board to how to submit pieces for our upcoming issue. Also, in sticking with the theme of this article, there will be free food.

For more event information, check back next week for the second installment of Cornerstone’s Guide to Awesome Fun-ness!


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