Question of the Week: What is one class or professor you would recommend for spiritual students at Brown or RISD?

Meet today’s Cornerstone representatives….

Nia Campinha-Bacote ’15, our enthusiastic business manager who has a passion for cardio kick at the OMAC and small groups with the Branch

Russyan Mabeza ’15, Cornerstone’s unofficial vocalist and court jester, who frequently turns heads with his merry laughter and suburb acting abilities

Ningfei Ou ’15. What words are there to describe this elegant creature? A poetic laureate, a Biblical scholar, an unintentional fashionista…

Austin Lillywhite ’14, Cornerstone’s previous editor-in-chief and the world’s most well-spoken man. He often speaks in couplets and metaphors, an accidental consequence of being brilliant*

What is one class or professor you would recommend for spiritual students at Brown or RISD?

Nia: Dr. (Timothy) Flanigan because he feeds you tea and crumpets and loves Jesus! Tea+crumpets+Narnia=what more could you ask for?

Russyan: Ditto. I haven’t taken other spirituality courses

Ning: Aside from C.S. Lewis’s class, I took, from the classics department, Roman Religion (with) Prof John Bodel. If one is into early developments of Christianity and why/how/when/through what means God made his mighty works known and how the gospel spread miraculously despite persecution etc, this class would be marvelous. Bodel is a Christian, though he doesn’t say it explicitly, great knowledge nonetheless!

Nia: Ning and I also took (The New Testament and the Beginnings of Christianity) by Prof. Denzey Lewis. I wasn’t in love with it, but it most assuredly increased my knowledge of the Bible in regards to a historical perspective. We went through nearly all of the New Testament in a semester, so if someone is looking for a class in which the Bible is the primary textbook, this is an awesome class. I remember being so excited that the Bible was my homework.

Austin: Dostoevsky — RUSS 1820 taught by Professor Golstein!!! Best class EVVAAAAAAAA! Will change yo life in way’s you ain’t prepared for! Take it.

Additional Suggestions:

Science and Religion with Professor Jeffrey Poland in the Science and Society department — Andrew Kim ’13

*These opinions of the reps do not reflect those of Cornerstone Magazine, but rather of Margaret Nickens and Elizabeth Jean-Marie, giggling conspiratorially in a Blue Room booth.


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