Cornerstone’s Guide to Awesome Fun-Ness: The I-really-need-to-get-out-of-my-dorm edition

You may not feel stir crazy yet, but I promise you, it’s coming. Oh, it’s coming. Many a tear was shed during last year’s prolonged winter. My roommate bought mega boxes of fruit loops, and together we gorged on episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but even ABC Family couldn’t cure our winter woes. So get out while you can. Run around and be wild and happy and free before the snow traps you and forces you to engage in a very intense relationship with Netflix.

Friday, September 20

RUF Chinese Buffet and Movie Night, 6:30 pm, List 110

“Can’t make it to Gathering? No worries! Hangout afterward with RUFers, pick at leftovers, and watch a movie!” If you’re looking for some yumma yumma food, they will be serving buffet-style Chinese food beforehand.

Outdoor Movie (Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze), 9:30 pm, Judson House

“We’ll bring the hot chocolate … you bring your thirst for 90s cinema.”







Saturday, September 21

serveProvidence with the Branch, 9:30 am, meet outside JWW

Participate in the Branch’s monthly outreach program. This weekend, they will be partnering with the Elisha Project, an organization that serves lunch to the homeless. “It is our purpose to meet people where they are and show them the love that is due every human being.  We will never feed them anything less than we ourselves would eat,” according to their website.

Love in Action tutoring with RUF, 10 am, Trinity Presbyterian Church (72 Clifford Street)

Tutor Providence youth in English and Math every Saturday through December 9! If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to know more about the project, fill out the form on RUF’s website.

Cru trip to Brown football game, 12 pm, meeting outside the CVS on Thayer

“We’ll bring the football expert to explain the game, the cookies, and you bring yourself, your friends, and your team spirit.  Let’s have fun and support the players, cheerleaders, and band.”

BRCC WaterFire trip, 6 pm, meeting outside Manning Chapel

I, Margaret Nickens, will be working at WaterFire that night, so swing by the WaterFire Store tent to say hi to me and learn more about Cornerstone 🙂

R U Fire!, 7 pm, Van Wickle Gates

Another fabulous trip to WaterFire! Call Matt Tso (650-269-1935) if you need more info.

Outdoor Movie Night, 8 pm, Judson House

Movie to be chosen by crowd, so try to one-up Turtles II. I’m not sure it’s possible.

Sunday, September 22

Cornerstone Trip to Slater Park Fall Festival, 2 pm, meeting place TBA

There will be lots of food, music, and art, and if you stay past dark, there will be fireworks! We will leave around 2 pm and come back a little after 5 pm, unless a bunch of people express interest in seeing the fireworks, in which case one or two cars will stay behind to drive those people back to campus later. If you are interested, please email us ( by Friday, September 20, and let us know whether or not you would be interested in watching the fireworks.


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