Question of the Week: What is your favorite Christian band, musician, or artist?

Meet today’s Cornerstone representatives…

Cia Mathew ’14: A classic triple threat. Cia is a poet, PLME, and phantastic* person. She is the awesome, white, gooey stuff that holds the stones together.

Nar Gulvartian ’14: Nar is known for his unique vocabulary and animated Armenian facial hair. If you see this bearded boy around campus, ask him the meaning of raskelpanushkian or slorporation. You will learn things Webster’s can never teach you.

Elizabeth Jean-Marie ’15: The master of Cornerstone and of immunobiology. She can cure diseases, lead an engaging Cornerstone meeting, and maintain her boisterous laughter all at the same time. Bravo, Liz. Bravo.

Taylin Im ’15: Have you ever met the child of Wolfgang Mozart and Albert Einstein? I haven’t, but Taylin is a close approximation.

*Intentional misspelling. I couldn’t think of a third word that started with p…

What is your favorite Christian band, musician, or artist?

Cia: Let me just open up my Jesus playlist. (Opens iTunes) Phil Wickham, Gungor, Vertical Church Band, and David Crowder Band

Nar: We need to get a little hipster with this — Benjamin Dunn and Rend Collective Experiment.

Liz: Jadon Lavik and Israel & New Breed. Israel & New Breed are a little bit more gospel sounding.

Taylin: (Sitting quietly in the corner) I’m just very self-conscious about my opinions … I went to a Leeland and Switchfoot concert.




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