Question of the Week: Why are you a part of Cornerstone?

Question of the Week: Why are you a part of Cornerstone?

Cia, Fiction and Poetry Editor: I’m on Cornerstone because I’m a writer and this allows me to use my talents for God and share my faith.

Nia, Business Manager: I am here because (I feel nervous) originally because of friends, but I have realized how far Cornerstone can touch and affect the campus for Jesus. *wipes forehead

Lawrence, New Member! I wanted to see what you guys do and this looks like a really fun group. (Room cheers)

Vivian, New Member! I heard about Cornerstone through AIA (Jarrod). And then I picked up a magazine once and read a few articles and thought it was very fulfilling and effective in spreading the gospel and our faith.

Anna, Website Manager: I went on the retreat with Cornerstone and saw how creatively we can express and share God’s message. And you guys are fun.

Monica, Recruitment Manager/Social Media Chair/Cheerleader: I like how interfellowship-y it is.

Nar, Distribution Manager: This here is my job. Opening up these boxes, taking them places. I joined because I was kind of tired of the anti-intellectualism associated with Christianity and Cornerstone is the perfect place to BREAK DOWN THAT WALL.

Aleyna, Campus Coordinator:  I coordinate the campus. I joined…besides the bullying…I just love Jesus.

Elizabeth, President: I joined Cornerstone because I knew I wanted to be the boss of something. Just kidding. The real reason I joined Cornerstone is (I’m pretty well-spoken as you can see) I personally belive that writing down what you believe and writing down your opinions on issues is such a great form of spreading the Gospel because somebody can read what you write and it’s different than telling someone, it can reach so many people through the internet.

Taylin, Editor-in-Chief: I joined because Christianity and writing are two of the most important parts of my life and it was a way in which those two identities came together with so many great people who care about the same things.


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