My Beautiful Woman

Based on a true story, “My Beautiful Woman” is a Thai lingerie ad by Wacoal. But before you assume what is in this 7-minute long clip, watch this video and try not to cry. Though it’s in a different language, the subtitles are enough to understand and you will feel all the feelings (if you have them).

“Jane is a young mother – too young, in her peers’ eyes. Word is she had a baby with her “sugar daddy” at 18. Every day after school, she runs ahead of her classmates to pick up her little girl, June.

Just when a woman should be experiencing freedom and self-discovery, Jane spends day and night caring for her June. Taking her to school and picking her up. Feeding and clothing her. The little girl is the center of her life. But Jane is not who she appears to be.”

Though the ad is not religious, per se, it does demonstrate pure and selfless love in a way that is both touching and inspiring for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

*Quote taken from ChristianPost’s article found here:


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