Question of the Week!

Are there any places on campus that have played a special part in your life of faith at Brown? Please Share!

Elizabeth Jean-Marie ’15: One place that was really an integral part of my faith walk at Brown was the Arnold Lounge. For all the seniors, you guys know what I’m talking about! It’s where The Branch christian fellowship used to meet my freshmen year, and it’s where I met a lot friends and mentors who have shaped my Brown experience. It’s where Chris Unseth and Gabe Brotzman made an announcement that they were starting a new christian magazine. It was a place where I felt comfortable worshiping and celebrating Jesus Christ.

Russyan Mark Mabeza ’15: Keeney Bronson 4th floor in Nia’s room. Forgot what room number it was, but we and a couple of other friends used to meet there every night to pray. From there, I got some of my best friends at Brown and deepened my faith especially at a time when I was scared it would die out.

Taylin Im ’15: Not intentionally trying to self-promote, but honestly reflecting on the past three and a half years at Brown, JWW 201 has been a constant place of reflection, action, and dialogue of my faith. This is where Cornerstone has been meeting every Sunday for the past four years and where we can come together from all different backgrounds, from different religious convictions to interfellowship community, and learn from each other and exercise our faith in a very unique and tangible way. Because of this association with Cornerstone, this simple classroom on the 2nd story of J. Walter Wilson has and always will hold a special place in my memories at Brown. (Oh no, I’m already starting to talk like a second semester senior…) 😦

Katie Hay ’18: BERT015, of course – where BCF Large Group meets (every Thursday at 7 pm… just in case anyone didn’t know… :)) This group has made such an incredible impact on my time here at Brown. It’s a place I can go and feel very comfortable and at peace, even when we ask hard questions about faith and God. I know that I am among friends when I am there, and that God is among us!
I actually do have a bench story of sorts. It was one of the hardest conversations I ever had with anyone just because it made me realize how easy it is to rationalize yourself out of God’s presence and just how many questions there are out there to which I don’t know the answers! It made me uncomfortable and somewhat scared, but it also made me take a more active role in my personal relationship with God. I asked the hard questions, and continue to today, and I go to the only One who has all the answers: God! 🙂

Ayisha Jackson ’18: Guys last semester whenever I was feeling overwhelmed (and I was in the building for math or engineering related things) I would go into one of the bathrooms in Barus and Holley and pray. In one of the stalls it even says “keep your head up”. Not an ideal location but it was always there to lend me a private space to talk to God when I most needed it.

Josiah Jordan ’18: During my first week at Brown, I was so on fire for the Lord–excited for what was to come and how God was going to use me, along with every believer here, for setting revival at Brown. There were three of us at around 2 in the morning. Faunce Arch. We worshipped the Lord with music..relentlessly.. and everytime a drunkard or smoker walked by, God whispered in a still, small voice, “This is exactly why you’re here.”

Mitch Akutsu ’15: For me, I love praying on the roof of Maxcy/Littlefield at night. It’s just the feeling of lying down and having nothing but the sky in my line of sight, just a vast darkness, the moon, the clouds, and God. Sometimes when I was super stressed out about school work or super depressed about crafting my niche on campus, I just dropped everything for an hour or so to run up there and pray. Having no worries about anyone walking in on me, I can let myself freely talk, laugh, and cry with God up there.

Nia Campinha-Bacote ’15: India Point Park. I used to frequently walk there my freshman and sophomore years. I would plug in my headphones so people wouldn’t judge me and it would look like I was on a phone call, but I would really just be talking to God. I would tell him how thankful I was for all of the blessings He had given me, like allowing me to be in such an amazing place as Brown. I would tell Him all of concerns and worries about school and friends. I would tell Him everything. It was so nice to just be able to walk and talk out loud to Him, it made my relationship with Him so much realer.


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