Today I Wore Pink by Allison Bright Dolcy

Today I wore pink.

I remember my heart sinking when the call came whispering that my mother had been diagnosed. 
I remember a week later the unimaginable call that my aunt had been diagnosed too.
I remember feeling helpless. Wanting to help and not knowing how.
I remember being angry at God. Not my mother. You will not let this happen to my mother. Not fair, God, You are not playing fair…..

Today I wore pink.

I learned that in her pain was my breaking too. 
I learned that she belongs to Him and that no physician on earth could care for her better that God can.
I learned that her sisters are her fiercest champions. They are sister, mother and friend to her all in one.

Today I wore pink.

I honor the power of a faithful God.
I honor Him because “He sent His word and healed them.”

My mother included.

I honor the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and wives still battling.

My heart overflows in gratefulness for her life and His goodness, so today I wore pink.


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