Reclamation by Gianna Uson ’18

img_2404how do i celebrate my salvation through Jesus

in Whose name my ancestors were tortured?


i refuse to believe that my God would support

the erasure of my people’s history

the acts of inhumanity

and then call it a victory


because He wouldn’t


Jesus is not a Western construct

meant to further a self-seeking agenda

not an idea meant to enslave a people

nor an ideal meant to oppress


the Son of Man is not a master used to control us

but Who the Master used to free us


and though this anger is valid,

it is not enough to invalidate His work on the cross

for it was the same crooked system

        of oppression

        of marginalization

        of racism

        of injustice

that put Him there

my God is not a colonizer’s god—

He is for us, the poor and powerless

and we are descendants of the King
Gianna Uson is a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science.


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