croWned by Olugbenga Joseph ’16


the amount of


in the skin i’m in

sometimes it’s hard

to be

sweeter than cinnamon


society has soured

its image of black men

the only thing it sees

is the color of our skin



this is a problem

that’s in dire need

of a solution.



what do we do

to reconsider this society,

that is severed

by man’s hu(e)bris

…and malice and avarice?


what do we do?

as we work towards

a world we’ve never known,

where neither life

nor death

is determined

by skin tone?



fasting and prayer

won’t do much

in isolation-

we’ll need corresponding action

to reach racial reconciliation.


we need to stop

looking at others

and start delving deep within

and wonder why we

still associate

sin with melanin.


we cannot forget

those words in Genesis

that all men

were made

In His image and likeness.


and so to say,

Black Lives Matter

is a reminder

of our origin

so let us love us

like He loves us

Until we see the Lord again.


Olugbenga Joseph is a senior concentrating in Education.


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