New Vision by Anna Delamerced ’20

Loch Garry Berries by Gianna Uson '18 for New Vision.JPGgone is my

20/20 vision

degrading each year

with irregularities and aberrations


the doctor gave me  

a diagnosis of myopia


struggling to see

what really matters

all i can think about is

grades and school

work and deadlines

papers and resumes and

job applications


as i remove my glasses

rub my sore eyes

i think to myself

is this really all worth it?


straining under sharp light

yearning for clarity


this shortness of sight


makes it hard to perceive

the future

the present


i can’t see beyond the horizon

is there something greater out there

is there more to life than this one?


my vision needs



i need to take a step back



let You take control

i’m tired of chasing after

the things of this world


help me to pursue

the things eternal

the things unseen


i don’t know your plans

i don’t know your ways

but spit into the mud

rub it into my eyes

do whatever it takes

to open them


help me realize

there’s only one way to live


with You at the center

with You as my vision
Anna Delamerced ‘20 is a student in Alpert Medical School.


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