About Us

Our Mission

Cornerstone is a publication that celebrates the truth and beauty of the Christian Gospel in order to glorify God, edify the Church, and reach the non-believer. We aim to provoke spiritual thought on and around the campuses of Brown and RISD. We publish works of art, prose, and poetry of all denominational persuasions that exhibit intelligent and creative approaches to current events, history, and our Christian faith.

Our Staff

President, Josiah Jordan ‘18

Editor in Chief, Kathy Luo ‘19

Copy Editor, Hope McGovern ‘19

Business Manager, Lisa Yang ‘20

Business Manager, Leticia Calvillo ‘19

Distribution Manager, Nikki?

Layout Editor, Amber Buhagiar ‘18

Senior Editor, Tom Hale ‘19

Web Editor, David Jimin Shin ‘20

Non Fiction Editor, Cindy Won ‘20

Non Fiction Editor, Julie Joo ‘19

Fiction and Poetry Editor, Amelia Khoo ‘18

Fiction and Poetry Editor, David Ferranti ’19


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